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Mori-Toki-Kan is a pottery,which has long and old history in Kiyomizu area.

Main shop has many souvenirs collection such as handkerchiefs,letter papers, chopsticks,and more.

Main shop

Kiyomizu-Yaki (Traditional earthenware of Kyoto) Original goods are all made from our autologous pot.
Also we have various kinds of gifts and souvenirs from Kyoto.

South shop

It has abundant numbers traditional food from Kyoto such as pickles,
rice cake, green tea and more.

Experience workshop

Creation experience

Experience time:30-60min.
60 days For overseas shipment.

You can enjoy a free work creation by using potter's wheel.

Electric wheel experience

Experience time:30-60min.
60 days For overseas shipment.

Picture drawing experience

Experience time:30-50min.
40 days For overseas shipment.

Drawing experience by using 2colors or 5colors.
Cups,plates,vases are prepared.

Lamp shade

Using traditional technique of Kiyomizu-Yaki,and completed with highquality.
The same thing does not exist because it's hand made only!

Access Map

By Train or Bus

From JR Kyoto Station
City Bus Route 206 or Route 100

From Kawaramachi Station
City Bus Route 207

From Bus stop, (1) or (2).
Get off at the Kiyomizu-michi walk 7min.
Get off at the Gojozaka walk 7min.

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Contact us

Kiyomizu pottery Mori-Toki-Kan

2-254 kiyomizu
Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0862

Tel: +81 75 561-3457
Fax: +81 75 531-4038

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